The Young Drifters


Dagny Halvar
Percival Frederikstein

The Young Drifters are a small group of teenage orphans who banded together to emulate their heroes, The Eternal Drifters when word of their fame spread throughout Llandry Citadel. Working tirelessly at their respective skills, they eventually showed themselves to the Eternal Drifters and were generally accepted by the group, although a fair amount of animosity was shown towards Jessie at first.

The Young Drifters then travelled with their heroes to various parts of Asparia, where Jessie and Jojen eventually left after a confontation with Pock, resulting in the near-death of Jessie.

After Pock’s funeral was held, Jessie and Jojen reunited with the group, but not before Jessie found herself in the dungeons of The Eternal Keep, soon followed by her brother. However, she was soon released into the care of Hob during his journey to Ushigas over the course of Autumn 1429AC.

The Young Drifters

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